About - ZaMagA
ZaMagA Athletic Dancers è una compagnia di acrobati che lavora da anni nel mondo del Physical Theatre. Acrobatica aerea, danza, acrobatica a terra e sperimentazione ci hanno permesso di intrattenere e formare tantissime persone in Italia e all’estero.
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Our history

ZaMagA Athletic Dancers

The ZaMagA Athletic Dancers company was born in 2005 and since then it has taken part to numerous events of very different nature, from dance to theatre, from performances to shows collaborating with important national and international companies.

What characterizes ZaMagA Athletic performance is the blending of different forms of art from dance to circus to physical theatre. The dancers express their energy and abilities with strength, elegance and plasticity surprising their audience at all times.

The company uses high level performers who are in great demand for advertising and photographic shoots, thanks to their statuesque bodies. Among the many collaborations, we would like to mention the one with the body painter Elena Tagliapietra. The pictures of the project show her work on their bodies and one in particular has become a painting exhibited in her exhibitions in Italy and abroad; this painting moreover takes part in a charity auction at Sotheby’s in Milan.

Their spectacular performing ability and their elegance have been demanded for various television programs and prestigious private parties since they certainly make a difference for the creation of a great event.

The ZaMagA Athletic Dancers offer to their clients not only their performing theatrical experience but also the opportunity to give life to their ideas.



ZaMagA Athletic Dancers was born out of an idea by Marco Zanotti and Maria Agatiello, to unify their individual expressive skills into a unique company. Since 2005 till date, many shows, events and collaborations have been put together by the company.

Maria Agatiello ZaMagA
Maria Agatiello

Dancer and aerial acrobat, Maria Agatiello has got an uncontainable energy. She performs at extreme heights with elegant agility, combining in her powerful body the sensuality of a dancer with the technique and the acrobatic ability of a gymnast as well as a relevant stage presence.

She started her artistic adventure when she was six years old training in rhythmic gymnastics. In 2001 she became part of Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre company and since then she has been performing in many happenings; one for all the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006. She was also part of a performance with Fura dels Baus.

In the various tours with Kataklò company she has had the opportunity to perform on many national and international events, staging 6 different Kataklò productions and being part of the creation of 4 of them.
Maria has been working with choreographer Giulia Staccioli for 14 years and she is now also tutoring the new young acrobats who are studying the company’s repertoire.

During all these years she has collaborated with different Physical Theatre performers at a national and international level, as Ivan Manzoni for important private events and for the show “Materiali Resistenti”, Sonics, Angelo Bonello with Kitomb, the French company “

Thanks to her physicality and flexibility she is often asked to perform as a model for photoshoots, also for international photographers as Andreas Bitesnic. She played as body double of the main character in the fiction “Non smettere di sognare” and them, in the second edition, produced by Mediaset, she was also asked to perform as a dancer. Personally chosen by Sting for a private concert, she danced next to him on an aerial choreography. She was later contacted by Franco Dragone’s team for a choreography with Hoop in the show “Taboo” at Macau.

At the first Italian Competition on Aerial Dance “Extreme Dance Championship” Maria won the championship as well as the first place in the hoop category. This victory will allow her to take part to the international final of “PPS Aerial Performance tournament” in Hong Kong where she won in the category Hoop.

The following year she created the aerial choreography on Hoop for Sheila Verdi; with that she won in Italy and then with a choreography on silk in Hong Kong as well.

Nowadays she teaches Aerial Dance at Academy Kataklò and Pole Dance, Contortion and Aerial Hoop at Milan Pole Dance.

Marco Zanotti

A dancer and aerial acrobat, Marco Zanotti’s stage presence is definitely very powerful and fascinating to watch. He is very capable to naturally blend fluidity , strength and acrobatic ability.

At the age of six he started artistic gymnastic obtaining numerous successes. In 2001 he enters Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre company and becomes with the passing of time one of its mainstays.

With this company he has been part of many important events as the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006 and the collaboration with Fura dels Baus.
Thanks to the many tours of Kataklò company, he was able to perform in innumerable Italian , European and Worldwide shows, staging 7 Kataklò productions and taking part in the creation of 5 of them.

Nowadays, after 14 years of partnership, he is still asked by choreographer Giulia Staccioli to dance for her company and to tutor the young performers of the company.
Marco ‘s thirst for perfection leads him to keep experimenting new artistic expressions; he began to study Aerial Techniques at Flic in Turin with the aim of combining the spectacular effects of circus techniques with the fluidity and harmony of Physical theatre.

During all these years he has collaborated with different realities within the national and international scene of Physical theatre: Ivan Manzoni for important private events and for the show “Materiali Resistenti”, Angelo Bonello with Kitomb, the French company  “Les Farfadais”, the agency Studio Festi and the company “Liberi Di”.
His art, together with his powerful physicality ,have made him perform as a model in various television spots, photographic shoots and fashion shows.

A coach of Acrobatic Dance and Aerial Techniques, he is nowadays also a teacher at the Kataklò Academy.